Jon Block

Jon Block started his career in the Real Estate Investment Trust industry first in loan production in the Southeast and Puerto Rico, and then to asset management across the United States, specializing in income properties and condominium projects.

General Electric Capital Corp (GECC) was the next career move as an Investment Manager to help with asset management and workouts. GECC had several large condominium failures and took ownership and it was his responsibility to plan and build out directly condominium projects and other income properties to maximize investment. Two notable assets were Yacht and Racquet Club of Boca Raton a 550+ unit PUD with marina on the ocean and Park Place, a 1,000+ Condo project in Broward County. Jon was then given the opportunity as a Region Manager for GECC in Dallas, TX where he started, fully staffed and developed Regional field office responsible for creating new business on income producing property and joint ventures in the Western United States. Jon was then promoted to Manager of Business Development and Loan Production for Participating Loans and Joint Ventures for the United States and was responsible for Participating Loans/Joint Venture Program including production, underwriting guidelines, marketing and approval process. During this time, Jon was responsible for the development activities of Trafalgar Developers of Florida a $400 million real estate development corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of GECC. Additionally he developed software to evaluate and develop cash flows for approval process review of income properties for GECC.

Jon then went on to Barnett Banks, Inc. where he was a Senior Vice President, Manager of Asset Disposition, Jacksonville/Miami, FL: Development of Asset Resolution Plan for this $32 billion bank holding company and oversaw the $900 million non-performing asset portfolio resolution. Large-scale, complex assets were handled directly by this unit including development of strategic plans, detailed annual and multiyear cash flow projections and detailed budget for loan funding and development where necessary. He was a panel member for security analyst discussions on the company financial condition. Senior member of Corporate Loan Committee, and Credit Quality Committee. On potential bank acquisitions, led other team members in review and valuation of owned real estate assets and other problem assets.

From there Jon started J.D. Block Services, Inc. in 1992.

In 2012 an offer from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. he was offered a 2 year contract in the Resolutions and Receivership Division to help during the banking crises. There Jon directed a team of servicers and contractors to resolve remaining assets at the field site working with both performing and non-performing loans with oversight of transfer to end servicers. Led Operations of bank closings including review of contractor performance and adherence to regulations, FDIC polices and Asset Resolution Manual routines. Successfully completed Contract Oversight Manager’s Training through George Washington Law School. Microsoft Excel resource (SME) for department.

Jon obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA Management/Finance) also at the University of Miami.

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